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Friday, September 03, 2004

A Soft Piece of Flesh

Limehouse Outlaw

I woke up today and jumped out of bed. I thought I had a meeting at work that I forgot about so I went running to my calendar. I was wrong. I hate that.

Then my heart hit me with a bulldozer and reminded me of why I stopped taking chances. Rejection, in any form (intentional, unintentional, or perceived), sucks.


Ok, so I'm a Wolfgang Press fanatic. A while ago I sent an email to Andrew Gray (former WP guy). I didn't hear anything until last month and got all giddy because I got an email from him. I'm listening to Limehouse Outlaw now which is his recent stuff and dig "A Soft Piece of Flesh". If you haven't figured it out by now most of the titles in my blog are song titles or lyrics. What I'm listening to always seems to be appropriate to how I'm feeling or writing about. Now I'm just babbling.


The last few days:

I went to the doctor and got all my prescriptions. I needed to have my drug levels tested again. I told the phlebotomist the vine and the type of needle and she questioned me. Fuck. Do I have to scream at the top of my lungs every time I get blood drawn that my veins suck and you have to use a butterfly needle or you'll blow all my veins and have to suck it out of the top of my hand!? Ugh. What did the dumb bitches do? They put a newbie on my arm to try it out. She stuck the needle in and searched for over a minute on my vein. I told her the vein was cashed if she didn't get it within the first 5 seconds. Now I have a lovely bruise on my left elbow on my only decent vein. The experienced lady decided to have a stab at me. She did something no other phlebotomist has ever done she went straight to my right forearm in some random fucking vein. Holy hell it hurt like a bitch and I now have a gigantor purple bruise on my arm. Then I got to have a shot in my arm to update my Hep A vaccinations.

A guy came over yesterday to fix my screwed up drywall. All I have to say is if you're in a stranger's house and they are the client - put the fucking toilet seat down.


I know my last entry or two have been on the angry side. My head is going through a lot right now. I've been dropping the f-bomb like it's candy.

You meet people in life for a reason.

I need time.

I'm sorry I asked for too much.