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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Quick Update

Yesterday, my Stepfather, Vincent was run over by a tractor at his family's farm in Pennsylvania. He had emergency surgery today to try to control the bleeding and is expected to have more surgeries in the next few days. He is currently intubated (a tube through his mouth into lungs to keep an airway open and to assist in breathing). They have already given him at least 15 units of blood (or blood type products) to try to control the bleeding. He may not walk again if he lives.

My mother wants my siblings and I to stay put for the time being and will probably ask us to fly out at a later date. It is going to be quite an adjustment in my Mother's life whatever the outcome is. She will be getting an apartment in Allentown, Pennsylvania while Vincent recovers. After that she will probably need to sell the house in Littleton to relocate to wherever Vincent wants to live which might be in Maryland near his daughter. If he does want to stay in Littleton then they will need to buy a ranch style house so that he can avoid having steps.