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Sunday, September 11, 2005

He is an idiot...

This is the email I received back today in response to yesterday's. Now I have to call him and verbally tell him again that it is OVER. I did get a good laugh at how ridiculous this email is. I think I will go and getting packing for hell b/c I am well on my way.


Why don't you just admit you're still in love with me?

I mean we all got our problems, our issues, our way of looking at the world. Why can't we learn to communicate what's important to each of us and make the other one understand? Use the biggest hammer or gentlest feather we can find to make it fit? Yes, we both made mistakes. Throw them out the window and don't let that ruin what could make us both happy for the rest of our lives.

A good example is that I never saw a statement of, "please don't play on the same kickball team as me" in any of the two e-mails you've sent me until the last one (maybe it's a guy way of looking at things versus a girl way of looking at what you wrote). And I proved the "If you think that you might be all freaky at kickball then I'd rather not have you there at all" statement false by not acting freaky at kickball. I thought I handled it rather well!

Karen, life's hard, it's a bitch sometimes. Making a relationship work is the hardest work you will ever undertake. Let me repeat that, there's nothing harder than making it work in a romantic relationship. If you can do that, you can do anything.

You're a procrastinator and I'm impatient. Hell of a combination. Probably one of the worst, but if we can make it work there's no reason why we can't tackle anything the world throws at us.

Can you imagine sitting next to each other on a porch twenty years from now? Can you imagine the strength of the bond we've forged going through all we had to to define what we call love? To hell with what anybody else says, it's what we've done and learned and struggled with that makes us stronger together. We'll make mistakes, we'll say the wrong thing at the wrong time, we'll hurt, we'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll be good, and we'll be bad, but the damn thing which makes it all worth it is it'll be a "we", not an I or a me. And we'll see all of that good and bad in the look we give each other sitting upon that porch all those years from now and we'll know we've loved and lived.

Call it dramatic, Karen, call it whatever term fits, but damn it make it fit.

I don't want to hurt you, I don't want you miserable. I want you as happy as the day we said "thank you" repeatedly to each other while laying in your bed looking at the glow in the dark skeletons. You're a beautiful woman, a dream made real in a world which needs more dreams made real. You don't believe somebody could love you and care about you and think about you and value you so much. I do, Karen. It's real. Whatever WE have to do, WE can do it.

Some of the things in the email are sweet. In general, it is ridculous. I just called him and it took me 10 minutes to convince him he should not show up to kickball again. He gave me his sob story about how he has no friends and that he was starting to finally make some. Then I had to explain to him what happens when people break-up. The people and activities that you enjoy prior to meeting someone stay with you after you break-up. Therefore, I keep kickball at the time of break-up. Also, those are my friends and we no longer share friends. Furthermore, I consistently asked him for space while we were dating and asked after the break-up. He was never able to give me space and this time he knows it loud and clear. I let him know that this time I will not let him be selfish and do what he wants. This time I will get space and keep it. I also let him know that his insecurities and lack of friends are not my problem. I suggested he find other leagues or sports to play.