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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Horchata (the best drink ever) would be the name of my band if I had one

Ok. I've moved on the previous drama of last night. I slept from 10am to 2pm today and I will be getting ready to go to Mariachi America night at Gregorio's soon.

Yes, every Thursday night is Mariachi America night at Gregorio's. Last week was my first time but I think this might just be a weekly habit. Some people say the food is great but I think it is ok. I eat a ton of Mexican food so it is hard to make an impression on me anymore. It's better than Casa Bonita (not hard to do) but not El Taco de Mexico. I'm picky about my horchata and it wasn't very good. I won't be ordering it again. Can anyone suggest other places that make decent horchata?

I wasn't going to blog about what happened at work last night but I feel like I need to get it off my mind. We have a liver transplant that is starting to get belligerent with us. His incision was infected so the staples had to be removed to clean out the infection. The nurses have to place sterile dressing in it (and on it) every few hours. It's a common occurrence. I went in his room at 2 in the morning to check up on him. He had ripped off the dressing and had his fingers in it. By "in it”, I mean in his abdomen you can see his intestines and all that other good stuff. I can handle looking into and at a person's guts; I just can't handle watching them put their dirty nasty fingers in it. I'm just grossed out. I have a germ phobia and that just about did it for me when I looked under his nails and saw how dirty they are. Bleck.

I must go shower for Mariachi America now.