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I won't be coming back here.

Friday, May 19, 2006

2 gimps and a skirt

I bought a new pair of flip flops a few weeks ago and I've been wearing them almost constant the last few says until I woke up this morning. The first few steps I took out of bed this morning had sharp pain searing from my right heel up my leg. I think I need to break up with them and I'm really bummed. I at least need to go on a break until Sunday which won't be too hard since I have a clinical for 12 hours tomorrow. It's bad... I even like to wear them constantly in the house too (I took a short cat nap with them on yesterday).

I think the clincher for my feet was wearing the flip flops with a skirt to kickball yesterday. I was initially wearing sneakers and shorts but it was so flipping hot there was no way I was going to wear shorts and shoes. During the game I did wear my sneakers but quickly took them off to go to the bar. I just hope this is only temporary and I can be happily in my flip flops in a few days.

Last night's game was one of the best I've been to in a long time. Most of the team showed up and we harassed the hell out of each other. I love it when you're good enough friends with people to not take all the shit talking too seriously. We beat an undefeated team... The Jerks rule! Hah!