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I won't be coming back here.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm a believer

in air conditioning. The guy was supposed to show up at my condo yesterday at 4 and didn't get there until 6:30 or so. 85 bucks later and my condo is now a constant 75 degrees! Woot! I slept like a baby. The unit is from 1979 and miraculously still works. I just need it to hold on until the end of summer at least. If it doesn't work next year then I'll deal with it then.

I'm thinking of changing my job stuff around so I can pick my own schedule. That means I wouldn't have health insurance but I could buy it from school for 700 bucks for 4 or 5 months at a time. I would also be making more money. Working on weekends is bullshit and I'm tired of it.

10:25 pm
I wrote this entry at work today and still agree with myself that working weekends is bullshit. I don't think that opinion will ever change. I need to find a nursing job where I wouldn't need to work on the weekends... hmm...

Went shopping after work and picked up a cozy sleeping bag. I convinced Doug (my homebase) that he needs to go camping with me on Saturday night. We'll be leaving in the afternoon on Saturday. That means I will be going with Kath on Friday night to see LSE and his band. I will be the drunk and she will be the driver. Woot! It's about fucking time!

Oh, and happy Flag Day.