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Sunday, June 18, 2006

It turned out dandy after all that fuss

Sunset at Camp Doug

I really needed this weekend. I needed to get away from myself. Mission accomplished (No, not that mission Kath - get your head out of the gutter, ya perv).

What was the dumbest thing I did this weekend and didn't tell anyone yet? I was a little out of my mind last night and decided to use the outhouse instead of squatting. I went in, took care of business and then decided I should turn on my flashlight to walk out. Umm... I didn't like what I saw. I squatted over the closed toilet seat. There was pee everywhere. I cleaned up my mess and then went back to my tent. I forgot the outhouse rule of keeping the toilet seat down when not in use. What a dumbass.

I had to pee this morning and decided to use the other outhouse but Grant caught me laughing at myself on my way there. I looked at him and said, "I did something last night that I really need to keep to myself for now." I was cracking myself up.

I have yet to tell Doug that I used his bumper for the times I didn't go to the outhouse. It's ok. I was just getting up this morning and had my door unzipped when he walked up and farted into my tent. Motherfucker.

Maybe I should still keep all of that to myself.

Kath, Jami, Heather and James... good times Friday night. Thank you. Here's the whopping four pics from that night.

Here's pics from Camp Doug. I didn't take too many pics this weekend and the ones I did take aren't all that great.

I almost forgot about kickball - it ruled the planet on Thursday night. We played sloshball (keg at 2nd base, run the bases backwards, must have beer in hand during the entire game, must fill beer at 2nd). Then we took these ridiculous pics with us all wearing a mullet wig at the Falling Rock. Good times and great vodka!