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Thursday, February 22, 2007


This is classic. It could be paranoia. I'm just going with a gut feeling here but I don't think this guy had good intentions for me.

I received messages from a guy on MySpace. Here are the transcripts of the messages from this evening:
Wanna grab a drink tonight? i am thirsty?
Thanks for the invite but I've got other plans. Why is your profile set to private?
like what, you are not going to be bad are you?
I'm meeting a friend tonight and I told him I would be there. Again, why private profile?
no reason, i have nothing on my profile anyway, too lazy!
T, don't you think it would have looked better if you wrapped a towel around your waste instead of putting it on the counter top? Don't you think you should share the rest of your pics since you've seen mine?
I'm not sure why I responded at all. I normally don't pay attention to these messages and just delete them. I think it was because he set his profile to private that made me write back. Then after looking at that chest for a bit it started to look pretty familiar. The guy in the pic is pretty short. You can tell by where the counter top hits his waistline. That would put him at like 5'7", right? It could have been my ex ex boyfriend so on the last message that I sent to him I started with T. He never wrote me back after that.

He didn't want to share his pics with me! That pussy!