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Sunday, March 28, 2004

No More Mosquitoes

We were sipping our vodkas and enjoying the conversation until all the lights went out.

We crashed a fucking surprise party. Running out the door wasn't an option at that point. I knew five people at the party did not know the party girl so that left fifteen people that might know her.

There she was standing in the doorway surveying the crowd and looking at us with a "Who the hell are you and why are you here?" facial expression.

To her bemused look, all I could do was raise my glass and wink at the liquor.

We left soon after when another party crasher exclaimed, "Wow. They really throw a lame party!"

I would have stayed longer if they had an entertaining "stumbling drunk". They are important keep the attendees entertained during conversational lulls. Yes, I know, I have been the "stumbling drunk" before but I was a good girl last night.

The party wasn't that bad, there were just too many people trying to be sophisticated and adult-like. Yes, quite a few people were pretentious fucks. I've said before, the pretentious fucks know where they can stick it...


What is this Friendster thing? Why do I need to get a bunch of people listed near my name?

I signed up for it last fall and forgot about it. At the time, the concept was intriguing but now it seems a little silly.

I'm bringing this up because I received an email from a random Friendster person that wants to be my friend. She wants to meet new people and she liked my profile. I have to pursue this because curiosity is going to kill me otherwise.

I have a few kickball events coming up that I can invite her to.


Final note:

Does anyone know anything about the band Four Tet? "No More Mosquitoes" is quite the catchy tune but I need to know if it's worth it to buy an album.