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Friday, April 02, 2004

Speak about destruction

I figured out if a guy I'm dating is someone I should continue to be with or not. I have to ask myself if I see him as ever being wine-worthy. I have a great bottle of wine that Grandpa (he made it) gave to me. I don't want to share it with just anyone. If I know for sure that he will not be trying it, I just let him go. I don't have the typical pro and cons list. Those are rude; if you have to make a list then you probably shouldn't be dating.

Now about my evening jaunt around town:
Luckily I didn't flip my lid. I met a bunch of friends at the Irish Snug for a few beers tonight. Then, the ass whacker that I hooked up with one night six months ago showed up. Ass whacker is too mean; putz is a little more appropriate. Every time he opens his mouth his comments are demeaning and rude. He is not a nice person. The other thing is that he kisses and tells. That's disrespectful.

Anyway, he stares at me still. If you aren't going to treat me with any respect or decency then you don't get to stare at me either. Argh. I said goodbye to my friends and just walked by him like he wasn't there. Should I have taken the high road and said something to him? No, not tonight, I wasn't in the mood to deal. I was in a good mood and he would have been a cock sucker to me.

I hate that I give him this much energy and time. He's not wine-worthy.