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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Kids in America

Kim Wilde

I had to force myself out of bed this morning. I had to get a bikini wax. I haven't had one in a year. I was due.

Strange thing. It didn't really hurt that bad. I expected more pain. It could have been that I was a little hungover.

My waxer, Marilyn, calls my style French... I Googled it and didn't get too much info. It's similar to a Brazilian with a landing strip but it leaves some hair on the top of the labia. Otherwise, it might as well be a Brazilian. Go figure.

Speaking of Marilyn...
She was a contestant on "Who Wants to Marry my Dad?". She came in 3rd. The woman that won is apparently not very nice but all the other women were cool according to Marilyn. The Dad lives in Longmont Colorado and is a delivery driver for Frito-Lay.