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I won't be coming back here.

Friday, October 29, 2004


Tonight was the last night of kickball. Sheesh. I need a break like nobody's business.

Mr. Saturday night was there too. We talked for a while. He lives in Vail and stays at a friend's house in Denver. I will see him again this weekend.

I met a another guy a few weeks ago that I actually made an effort to hang out with tonight. He didn't bring a jacket so I let him wear one of mine. It was weird seeing him in it. I might see him this weekend too. Yippee!

At the bar, two guys (not kickballers) were leaving and one stopped to tell me I have the cutest smile he's ever seen. I blushed like nobody's business and thanked him. Then he left. That was it. It makes me happy to think that some people can still compliment complete strangers and not ask for anything in return.