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Thursday, July 21, 2005

You can't aim a duck to death...

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So I had my first EEG in fifteen years today. I figured I had to just look bitchin' with all the probes on my head so I took advantage of having a camera phone. I had an appointment with a neurologist after the test. She thinks I have some form of inherited right temporal lobe epilepsy. At least this doc wants to find out what I actually might have. I've had neurologists most of my life and this is the first one that actually wants to tell me what form I have and what part of my brain is fucked up. I will get the results of my EEG in a few weeks. Before that I need to talk to my brother, a neice and a nephew (they all have it too) to see if they have the deja vu/ aura things where I think I'm becoming a psychic. In essence, all they really are small seizures - go figure. If they do, then I need to find out if they hear any weird sounds when it happens.

I took T to Elitch's today for his birthday. Before we broke up we had plans to go for his birthday. He initially assumed that I wasn't going to take him since we broke up but I just don't think we could cancel all of our plans that we made. I had a good time and I think he did too. It was a little awkward here and there but fun overall. It was the first time I went to the water park. It was ok - we just spent a lot of time waiting in lines to get wet. That was just silly. One of the slides I went down was rockadelic - I don't know the name but it was a straight shot down. I love that stomach flipping and holy shit I'm gonna die moment. Adrenaline is the best. Later on, we got stuck on the Twister for 15 minutes while they cleaned up puke on the red car (are they cars or trains, what?). It seemed like forever but at least we weren't suspended upside down or something nasty like that. The Mind Eraser wasn't running... argh.

It's great being back on day shifts. I feel human again.