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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Black is the new black

I need to thank my sister Diane for introducing me to Bauhaus. She went off to college in 1983 and sent me a mixed tape with Bauhaus on it. Then I need to thank FMtv, Teletunes, Wax Trax, After 8, and 120 Minutes. I know how I was influenced and what my sources for new music were in my teens. I’m thankful people were willing to share and influence me.

On to Bauhaus
Wow. I haven’t been to a show that good in a long time. That was worth every penny and then more.

The band was in all black except for the white tuxedo shirt Peter was wearing under a black leather jacket. The lighting was fantastic they only used white lights except for a few times. David J’s bass was matte black while Daniel Ash’s guitar was ultra shiny mirror black. Peter was the only one sporting a wedding ring. I did notice that Daniel Ash has a small pox vaccination on his left upper arm. David J never took his sunglasses off, as usual. I checked out their shoes, as I always do, and the only one wearing anything worth mentioning was Daniel Ash. He had giant moon boot looking things on his feet. They looked like they weighed 10 lbs. apiece.

Set list:
Burning from the Inside
In the Flat Field
God in an Alcove
In Fear of Fear (Daniel Ash on sax)
Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Swing the Heartache
She’s in Parties
Passion of Lovers (red lights)
Silent Hedges
Kick in the Eye
Hollow Hills (green lights)
Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
Stigmata Martyr (red lights)
Hair of the Dog
Rock ‘n Roll (Part 2)
Dark Entries

Encore - Peter put on a short black jacket, David J a black velvet jacket and Daniel Ash a black furry top hat
Slice of Life (sung by Daniel Ash)
Telegram Sam
Ziggy Stardust

Encore - Peter changed to a floor length red coat
Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Kara and I were standing in stage left right in front of David J. There was a person in front of us so we had a great-unobstructed view for the most part.

Random notes:
The one thing we didn’t expect was Gary Glitter’s Rock ‘n Roll Part 2 (aka the Rocky Hockey song). A lot of people bitched that they didn’t play Double Dare. I’m bummed too but they opened with Double Dare in 1998 on the Resurrection Tour. Slice of Life made me cry. That song is an anthem and I screamed the words along with Peter. Then I almost lost it with Ziggy Stardust. Fuck. I‘ve seen David Bowie and Bauhaus perform it and love it more every time. The last encore was Bela Lugosi’s Dead and it was amazing. That song is one of my least favorite songs by them but in concert, it is stunning.

I might see Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy this coming weekend. I blame my sister, Cathi, for putting the bug in my head about this show... She rules!

Then I got her back with putting The Dwarves and The Turbo A.C.'s (playing in a few weeks) in her head. Hah!