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I won't be coming back here.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Density - measure of mass per unit of volume

I went to the counter to get some water. He was getting a beer. He pulled out a fortune that he keeps in his wallet that said, "In time, all of your wishes will come true."

Him - It's finally starting to work!
Me -Really?
Him - Yep. I finally met the girl of my dreams.
Me - Wow. Congratulations! Good luck with everything.

I walked away with my water and left him at the counter. Was I supposed to stay there and talk to this virtual stranger ( I just met him a few weeks ago) and ask him about this woman? I actually felt bad for a minute. I can be a little dense at times. Just ask me out. Fool.

Same night...

I was sitting down and a female friend walked up to me and kissed me at "the spot" on my neck. I laughed and told her to stop because I'm super ticklish there. She said she already knew that and that's why she did it. I don't remember telling her that...

Fast forward an hour...

A tall guy that is an acquaintance must have witnessed the "hello" from my friend. He walked behind me and put his hands on my neck and shoulders. He wasn't massaging or tickling just sort of rubbing. I asked abruptly what he was doing. He responded that he knew I was ticklish there and was attempting to tickle me. Huh? I responded, "Hands don't do it for me there."

He seems like a nice guy but is not going to get anywhere with me. He's just a big burly fella. We have nothing in common (yes, I have talked to him). Not to mention, he touched me and inappropriately. From that experience, I know he doesn't know how to touch a woman (at least the way I like it). It sort of freaked me out. It was a little too forward. I never gave him any indication (I don't flirt with men I'm not attracted to) that it was ok to touch me. He goes on the dense list too...

Do some people just not know when the other person is not interested? Apparently.

Why am I blogging right now? I have an exam tomorrow and I should be studying instead. Erg.

Gerg and Daniel, thank you for listening to me this week. I've just had too much shit going on lately and appreciate your ears. I've been calling Marlo (my best friend in CA) a lot too. Being around or talking to people that get me is important to me these days.