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Saturday, December 10, 2005

I seen it all from back to front

I was in class today trying to learn. Not a big deal - that's what I'm supposed to do. Then it hit me with a giant thud to the chest.

Fuck all.

I had to get the hell out of there. I just couldn't take the chaos that was surrounding me. Too many people were talking. They were all belting out information at once. Some information was contradicitve to information that I received earlier. My brain was trying to sift through and figure out what I need to keep in my head and what is wrong or superfluous. I need figure it all out in six days. Six.

I sat in the hallway and cried. That's all I could do.

An instructor saw me in the hall and tried to talk to me. Then she tried to compare her life to mine. Wow. What is the worst thing you can say to a person when they are crying? The classic, "I know how you feel. That happened to me once... blah blah blah..." Argh. That just makes the person feel smaller, you stupid bitch. I could not wait for her to leave me alone.

A classmate walked up and just listened to me vent my frustration. She did not give me any advice or try to "one up" me with a story about herself that was worse than what I felt at the moment. She got me to laugh and back to my normal sarcastic self.

She listened.

There is hope in a world full of fucktards.

Fucktards... now that word makes me laugh.

Ahh... a happy ending...

Song of the night:
Shut That Door
The Wolfgang Press