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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Inertia Creeps

I couldn't decide what to do last night. My choices were Massive Attack at The Fillmore or roller skating with friends for the first time in 20 years. I chose roller skating and had a fantastic time last night. I even drunk blogged a little but didn't post the mess I typed. I can barely read it. I'm sitting here doing my homework for tomorrow morning and wishing I could have gone to Massive Attack too. I'm bummed I couldn't be in two places at once. My deciding factor was that Massive Attack was playing at The Fillmore. The venue is too big and annoying for me. If it was at a smaller venue I would have been on top of it. I just get picky.

The roller skating was fantastic. I own a pair of inline skates but I think I might to go out and buy some roller skates too. It may have been the liquor doing its tricks but I was really comfortable on the skates. I felt like I could rule the planet by the time we decided to go to Lipgloss. We had to dress up in out 80s clothes. I couldn't find anything all that cool so I pulled out boxes of stored clothes and came up with this:
  • An old Joy Division t-shirt
  • My leather (black suede motorcycle jacket)
  • My creepers (purple suede top with two buckles)
Doug looked like Don Johnson in an annoyingly bright turquoise blue turtleneck, white pants, tan blazer and tons of crap in his hair. I was frumpy and he was a little flamey.

A favorite moment of the night was "I love your Bauhaus t-shirt!"
"Umm... thanks it's Joy Division though."
"Oops! Joy Division was my favorite band in the 80s though. Really it was!"

It's just sad that I still own clothes from that long ago. Everyone else was wearing new clothes that they just purcahsed for the event. A ton of women did the pink and black punk rock/ Madonna combo. I looked out of place for the most part. I still own my micro mini but I don't think I'm a size 4 anymore and have no idea why I kept that skirt. I just really like the zipper action on it.

Yes, I met some boys. I love liquid courage. What line worked?

"So, is one of you the bus driver?"

"Do we look like we drive a double decker bus?"

"I don't know. I've never met a bus driver before."

I'm a tard. They still talked to me though.