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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The skin test

I wasn't going to blog today but I have to get this out. I had an interesting morning.

I went to see the allergist. I got one of those skin tests done on my back. They also checked my lung capacity. Here's what they got:
  • I am very allergic to all trees except oak. Oaks don't normally grow here.
  • I am very allergic to grasses especially Kentucky Blue.
  • I am very allergic to weeds.
  • I am not allergic to molds.
  • I am not allergic to cats and dogs.
  • I am not allergic to cockroaches, dust mites, house dust, or feathers.
  • I am not allergic to penicillins.
  • I got a pic of my back with all the giant welts. They were quite impressed with my reactions. Apparently, I should have done this years ago and saved myself from getting sick all the time. I'm one of the best cases they've seen in a long time.
  • I don't exhale properly. I only exhale about 50% of what I should, after a treatment with albuterol it only went up to 75%.
  • I do not have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) but my lungs are not normal.
  • It's me, but it's not because I haven't tried. I just never saw a doctor that looked into it for me. He thinks I have become so accustomed to my poor lung output that what is normal for me is not normal for most people.
  • Now I know why I always get so hypoxic when I get too much cardio. I can do cardio at my own pace. I just like to set the eliptical at a decent speed and watch my respirations. After a while, I always start to see spots and get a little dizzy. It's great not having oxygen in your brain. I don't wheeze or sound asthmaticky (is that a word?). I just can't get what's in my lungs out so I have too much CO2 running around in my bloodstream.
All this is to stop the maddening sinus infections that I get every year. I will probably start allergy shots this year or next year. I know they are expensive so I may have to hold off until I'm done with school.

I'm happy about the smoking ban that starts this summer. It's amazing how many bars I'm not able to go into because I end up getting sick from all the smoke. Not to mention, I hate smelling and feeling like I licked an ashtray all night long. The smokers can whine to me all they want about their freedom but what about mine?

As far as my lung issues... that just scares the shit out of me.