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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Next time I'm bringing out the bitch if I need to

I went to my local Panera to get some dinner since I couldn't be bothered to put something together at home. I ordered my food and then told the Dude (not to be confused with The Dude from The Big Lebowski) that I would have water with my meal. He me informed that the cups were available on the counter near the soda machine. Fine. Dude.

He forgot to mention that a shot of Jagermeister wouldn't even fit into the itty bitty cups. What's the deal? Why do I have to order a soda in order to get a decent sized glass of water? No, I don't want bottled water. I live in Colorado. It's only been recycled through like 5 people before it gets to me. It's not half as bad as the shit that comes out of the tap in the states that have rivers and few or no mountains. Colorado tap water doesn't gross me out. Southern California tap water grosses me out. You can tell me all you want about filtration it still freaks me out and it does taste funky. Don't even get me started on states that take water out of the Mississippi.

Anyway, back to my point. I decided that a shot of water wouldn't do. I set up four glasses on the counter a put a lemon in each. I put ice in each one and then filled them up. I picked up all four and took them back to my booth to wait for my dinner to be ready. I drank all the water and then went back for more. Wouldn't it have just been easier if the Dude had just given me an adult size cup? I think the extra cups and lemon cost more than one wax coated cup. Maybe I'm wrong.

It just annoys me when you ask for water instead of a carbonated sugar bomb your serving is automatically smaller. Why is this so?

Shouldn't we be encouraged to drink more water instead of being hassled?

I estimate that I would have had to get up 6 times (ended up finishing one before my meal arrived, refilled it and then refilled another one after I was done eating) during my meal in order to drink all the water I wanted.

Fuck that shit. That Dude will be giving me an adult sized wax coated cup with a smile on his face next time!