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Friday, July 21, 2006

You never know until you see it

I looked over at her and she was a being quieter than usual. She was able to give me a sort half smile that looked a bit painful. She normally always has her cell phone tucked away and on silent. Today she was anwering the phone all day and would double check it every so often. I had no idea what was going on but it didn't seem all that good.

I studied her arm a little more. There was a giant bruise protruding from her skin. It was deep purple with a yellow green halo on the edges. I meant to ask her how that happened but we were in the middle of lecture so I decided to let it wait.

My instructor asked before I did. She silently told her, "My partner asaulted me. Yes, I have pressed charges." I wanted to cry for her at that moment. She's a fantastic woman that only has good things to say about people so I just can't imagine what sort of bitch did this to her.

Later in the day, a few of us offered support and housing to her. She feels relatively safe for the moment. She has a restraining order. She hasn't been able to get all of her stuff out of her apartment yet. She only gets 45 minutes to get all of her things some time next week. She has already hired an off-duty cop to be there for her 45 minutes to pick up everything that is important to her. She's emailing us next week to let us know of her designated 45 minutes so we can run in, help get her stuff and to also offer our support. She needs us and I'm happy that some of us can be there for her.