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I won't be coming back here.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mmm... yep

A birthday a few years ago...
Not getting sleep does lend to an interesting day...

Since it was our last OB clinical someone was gracious enough to bring bagels and cream cheese. We were all chowing down and chillin' so I decided to plant my ass on the desk top. It's not a big deal since I do it all the time on my own floor. I'm enjoying my bagel and then my ass starts feeling like it's wet. I get up worried that I'm going to see that I spilled someone's drink and it's all over my pants. It wasn't that simple. I actually sat dead center onto someone's open faced bagel and it was sticking to my ass. Not kidding. It was fucking hilarious. A classmate had to wipe the cream cheese off my ass before I could walk to the bathroom to get the rest of it off. They shouldn't ever let me leave the house on some days. I wish I had a picture.

It was actually a pretty great day even with the cream cheese incident. I just got a little more clarification on how human I really am.