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I won't be coming back here.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Shameless Plug

In a few weeks I will be starting kickball again. I didn't actively even try to recruit people. I suck. My team is short a few people (esp. guys) so it would be great if you wanted to play. Just sign up to play on the Dirty Rotten Jerks. You can also be super fantastic courageous and sign up on one of the teams that has very few players.

Rosie, Heather and James - I think you showed interest.
Hubs - are you still playing with WASA? I know it shifted this year over to Play Coed (or whatever the guy that runs it changed the name too).

It's 100% tax deductible since all the money goes to Easter Seals Colorado. All the proceeds benefit people with disabilities that live in Colorado.

I also run the photoblog and your help on that would be very appreciated!

We drink. We sometimes smoke. We play.