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Monday, November 20, 2006

This is what I find super cool...

If you get easily grossed out then you probably shouldn't look at the pictures I put up on this post.

This is about my coworker Brad. He's super cool. He stopped to talk to me while I was in a patients room. I looked up at him and his left eye was staring up at the ceiling while his right eye was looking at me. I asked him what was going on with his left eye. He picked up his pen and tapped his eye with his pen. I freaked. "What the hell was that!" He replied, "Oh my glass eye must have gotten off track." He took his fingers and straightened his eye in front of me. I just about lost it. I have always wanted to know someone with a glass eye. I begged him to take it out for me and he did. He said I could even touch it if I want to. I passed because I had too much lotion on my hands and it was a creepy. He let me take pictures of the event with my cell phone. I asked him if I could post them on my blog and he said yes!! Sweet!

Picture one - The removal
Picture two - The eye
Picture three - The gaping hole

I think it's the coolest looking thing I've seen in a long ass time.