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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Silence is Falling from the Sky

People are getting what they wish - A White Christmas.

I just watched a few birds fly by in formation. I looked at them wishing I had that sort of freedom. I've always wanted to fly. I wouldn't be limited - stuck in one place. I could be wherever I want. I know it's not going to happen anytime soon but it would be comforting.

I'm keeping the house a little colder than normal. This way, I can really feel the cold outside. I'm forced to wrap myself in a quilt to stay warm. It's keeping me calm. It's not stopping my mind from thinking. I'm not sure there is anything that can make my mind stop or at least slow down.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I'm going back to work. I would much rather be with my family on Christmas Day than stuck at work. I especially don't want to go if there is a chance that I won't be able to leave at the end of my shift. I just don't want to relive last week again. The snow is beautiful. It just causes challenges for people that HAVE to work. People won't ever stop being sick. It's times like this (and last week) that I wished I lived a few blocks from work. My feet won't fail me if I live close. I guess I'm back to me hoping to be able to fly someday.

I am looking forward to tomorrow night. My friends and I meet up after our family functions and regroup at the Recovery Room. They think it's kinda cool that I just need to cross the street from work to get there. It's sort of appropriate after this past week. I'm the one needing recovery in the form of a yummy beer or vodka. I'm not sure what my poison will be but I'm certainly having a little something.

A few things I did learn about my ordeal last week:
  • Always have spare scrubs in the trunk of my car

  • Always have spare pajamas in the trunk of my car

  • Always carry a few days worth of my medications

  • Always have a ditty bag and book in my car

  • Put out several days worth of food for Chunk

  • My cat is more important to me than I'm willing to admit

  • Drink plenty of fluids when under extreme stress

  • It's ok to be angry but not ok to take it out on those that you love - it's not going to solve the crappy situation you're stuck in

  • My front wheel drive car rules. She didn't let me down at all driving home late on Thursday or all day Friday

  • I LOVE people that show up out of the blue at the hospital with their 4 wheel drive vehicles to volunteer to pick up staff and bring them in so that the rest of us can go home after 36 hours.
Just because I had to stay at work during the blizzard last week doesn't necessarily mean it will happen again tomorrow. I just think I might lose my mind if it does happen. Next year Christmas should be better. I won't be in school and I will hopefully have the day off!