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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Sad Kitty news

Lynne called me on Sunday night. She always has the same problems and never really tries to fix them - she has been screaming victim forever. I haven't talked to her since February or March. A few days after Christmas I gave her the best gift I have ever given anyone - a kitten that I adored. I took in 3 kittens and their Mom at the end of November and they were all quite sickly. The kittens were about 2-3 weeks old and would have died during the winter in my Grandpa's barn if I didn't take them. The runt and the sickest. I had to bottle feed him the first couple of weeks in the morning evening, during the night and my neighbor came over during the day and fed him. He was so tiny he fit in the palm of my hand. I spent about $1000 on the cats (most of it was spent on the runt). His eyes had scars on them so I had to continually return to the vet because complications kept on coming up. Anyway, Lynne really wanted the little guy, so like an idiot I decided to let her have him. During our phone conversation on Sunday night I inquired about him. She nonchalantly said, "I thought for sure you knew that he ran away about 2 weeks after I picked him up." She came up with all these lame excuses like the doors were all locked and I still have no idea how he got out in the middle of the night.

Blah blah blah was all I heard while she twisted the knife. I have talked to her several times since he disappeared and she failed to mention him. Then she had the nerve to get mad at me when I got upset. At this point I never want to talk to her again. I put a ton of work (and money)into that kitty so that he would be ok.

I am crushed. He was my little one.