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I won't be coming back here.

Monday, February 17, 2003

Wake up dumb fuck

Man, you can be such a stupid fucking idiot. When are you ever going to grow up and get rid of your fucking pity party? Poor me, my life isn't perfect - well who has a perfect life?

This is what I keep on telling myself lately when the reality of life w/o prozac hits me and the stress from school and filling out applications hits me and how am I going to afford all of this and what if I don't get accepted into school and what if my endocrinologist does find something horrilbly wrong with me and what if it takes me forever to find a job?

Yes, I definitely have PCOS and might have another syndrome b/c my cortisol level is too high. My recent level was 31.2 and the normal level s/b from 6 to 23. So I do have a few more tests that my doc wants to run. This should be interesting.