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Sunday, May 23, 2004

General Public

Heard overhead:
At the 24 Hour Super Center a man got on the intercom and said, "Phone call for Mr. Seymour Butts". I thought I was hearing things but almost died laughing. Twenty minutes later, the same man got back on the intercom, "Phone call for Mr. Jack Meoff". I started laughing and then glanced at a sales associate. The look on her face said, "This is one crazy lady in the store." I didn't let her get away with that look. I started grilling her.

"Don't you get the joke?"

"What joke?"

"Have you ever watched The Simpson's?"


"Well, then have you been listening to the intercom this evening? The phone call for Mr. Jack Meoff?"


"Well, don't you get it? They are obvious prank calls."

The look on her face was still blank. "Oh. I get it now. What dirty minds, dirty, dirty people." Then she looked at me as if I was dirty because I said, "jack me off" to her.

I just can't help or be bothered with people that have no sense of humor.

It's official. I hate the smell of piss. It is by far much more disgusting than shit. Once you clean up shit, the smell disappears in at least half an hour. However, piss, that has some longevity. It just sits there. Even with opening windows and lighting matches, the stench is still there. Shit dries up and most of the smell goes with it, not piss. Fuck no it just isn't that simple. Then add a mixture of poor health and the piss smells even worse.

My days are numbered at this job. Like the people hate the smell.