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Friday, May 28, 2004

Some Candy Talking

The sunrise this morning was amazing. I'm rarely awake for the sunrise and if I happen to be, I'm normally grumpy. Today was an exception. I'm just in an unexplainable good mood.

At work, I have to help one of the sickest residents, Margie, get ready for the day before I leave. I wake her up and get her dressed. She has an incredibly long list of ailments that I won't bore you with so you will just have to believe me. Anyway, all night long I have to deal with some of the crankiest old people that are just angry about getting old so they take it out on an easy target - the caregiver. It's hard to get over the fact that people that don't know you yell at you and you aren't supposed to take it personally. It gets easier but I don't think it will ever get comfortable.

Margie should be pissed off. Her life is miserable. She can barely get around without the help of another person. I love her because she is not angry. If she is angry, she doesn't let it out on me. She likes it when I enter her room and make her laugh at my lame comments. This is why I enjoy healthcare. It is for people like her that appreciate me and are upset when I tell her I have the next few days off so she won't see me for a while.

Today is a good day.