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I won't be coming back here.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Charlotte Sometimes

The Cure

I was listening to music and thought about calling but alas, I assume that you are probably not at home available to answer. It's not that I had anything important to say but it felt important.

I needed to talk to someone because I'm tired of people not getting me. I could try to explain this to other people but I think they might look at me as if I need to take a vacation at the loony bin. The person that I portray is not me but everyone does that in his or her own way I suppose. I have nights like this that I get tired of the facade and want to run and disappear for a few weeks.

This is going to sound lame - can we be friends? I know what happened a few weeks ago could complicate things and I meant to talk to you the other night but the time just didn't seem right. I'm not talking about friends with benefits - just friends. Someone I can call if I need to talk or just hang out.

The mind fuck is rather loud this evening and I doubt I will get any sleep at all. I bought a few albums today and I know I can certainly blame this mood on the music.

Charlotte Sometimes,