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Monday, August 16, 2004

Kim Gordon's Panties


I went down to the Buffalo Exchange today to sell some of my old concert t-shirts for cash. Here's what I got rid of:

Inxs - Listen Like Thieves, 1986
The Cure - Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, 1987
Berlin - Count Three and Pray, 1986
Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels, 1985
Tool - the kickin' wrench
A couple random shirts

and got 55 bucks! They were freaking on my Cure t-shirt. I never wore it. I like The Cure - I just never wanted to be mistaken for one of those Cure fanatics. I was a Joy Division girl. I have a few more t-shirts that I need to get rid of but I'm still a little too attached.

I took my cash, went to Wax Trax and bought Rapeman. Albini is GOD.