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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Snappy shirts rule!

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It started as a normal mellow evening...

We went to a lame ass BBQ in Congress Park where the hostess asked us if we wanted bubbly or plain aqua. Aqua? That was just a torturous hour.

Then we went to a roof top birthday party at 11th and Cherokee. I'm a lucky girl and live in Denver where there is generally more men than women when I go out. The ratio was not in our favor and 80% of the men were shorter than we prefer (a friend of mine is 5'11"). We left.

The plan was to meet at The Pourhouse. That's fine but I like Nallen's and Jeff is the best doorman ever. I had to go to Nallen's. I was sober as sober can be. A few shots of Jager and a drink or two and I was ready to meet up with everyone else at The Pourhouse. Here's my thing with Nallen's - they put liquor in their drinks. We closed down The Pourhose. We weren't ready for bed yet and jumped in a cab to an after hours party.

I forgot it was the scooter convention this weekend we just happened upon (not really - a PBR rep gave my friends the info at The Garage earlier) their party at 35th and Wynkoop. Good times. We walked in and the DJ was Paul that I met a few years ago when I experimented with online dating. Nice guy - just no chemistry. I think I unsuccessfully met 3 or 4 guys that summer. Then I would turn around and talk about them in "A Chapter in the Life of a Single Girl" on KRFC in Fort Collins on Friday nights. I took Paul to Fort Collins with me one night to do the show. That was the last time I saw him until last night.

We danced, we drank free PBRs and then we realized we were in Egypt. I crashed at about 5:30am at a friends house. Then I called a cab to pick me up to drive me to my car at 15th and Wazee.

I'm still having a hard time forming full sentences today. I'll see what I can muster tomorrow.