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I won't be coming back here.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

When you think everything is going fanfriggintastic it hits at once. I was perfectly healthy on Tuesday. I went out to dinner and to bowling on Tuesday night. I woke up Wednesday with tightness in my chest. Fuck all. I was out of it but still functional until I got a fever. I hate having a fever. The body aches kill me every time. I had a temperature of 101 on Thursday and was able to get it down with Tylenol to 100 by Thursday afternoon. I’d had it. I did what every grown up does. I called my Mommy and cried. I missed classes yesterday and today. I called in sick for work tomorrow. I went to an urgent care center today because I knew I had bronchitis and needed someone to listen to my lungs for pneumonia. My chest is killing me from all the violent coughing. I either bruised my ribs or pulled the hell out of my diaphragm muscle. Either way, it hurts.

In case, you wanted to know:

  • Independence Day was on HBO twice today.
  • I’m digging those new Verizon commercials.
  • The Matrix is on TBS right now.
  • I didn’t watch any of the Olympics today.
  • I can’t read or listen to music when I am sick and it frustrates me when I try (my eyes don't focus well and my ears are all plugged up).
  • I’m glad it finally snowed – it was beautiful to watch.
  • I’m on a 4-hour drug schedule so now I must leave to load up again.

I almost forgot – bowling ruled the other night… good times.