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Friday, May 26, 2006

Fling it or sling it

Back to that same night a few weeks ago when I took a digger outside of the hi-dive. We were drinking at Sputnik and a song came on. I asked the DJs who it was they were playing and I'd never heard of the band before. I had them scream the name into my camera (it was on video with audio) so I could check them out when I was a bit more coherent. I knew I wasn't going to remember the name or be able to decipher chicken scratches on a bev nap.

I picked up a CD by the band. Holy hell. I was drunk. I don't think they are bad... It's just if I want to listen to The Jesus and Mary Chain I will. It's a total rip off. I know it's a form of flattery and all that bullshit but it's all been done before. There are other bands that have tried to follow in the Reid brother's footsteps. BRMC at least changed the sound a little to make it their own but this band is pathetic. They might as well be doing JAMC covers. Gah.

I had such high hopes from this set of Icelandics.

Yes, I just linked your asses to MySpace. Deal with it.