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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pics I forgot about

I love it when I find things on my computer that I haven't really lost. This is a pic that I took in 2004 before the phonographs went to the museum. You can see the rest if you go to my Flickr account.

As a kid, I spent every summer at Grandma and pa's house (I think I may have mentioned that before). I miss sitting in the living room with Grandpa and listening to an opera or a symphany. He would crank the volume pretty high too. Grandma would normally be sitting in her chair at the dining room table working on the NY Times Crossword Puzzle. After it was done, I would get up to go say goodnight to the cats outside and pick up the dirty ice cream dishes that we left for them to lick clean. Some nights I would have to wait until morning because the skunk family would be on the front porch instead. At the time, I didn't know how content I really was during those days.