I'm on a blogation. I'll still be reading your posts through Google reader or Bloglines every few days so I can keep up with what's happening in your lives/head. As always, you can email me - shmeder at gmail.

I won't be coming back here.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hanging out with a blogger and talking about what you are going to blog about when you get home is a little strange. I know I said I was going to write all this other crap (the freakiest freak on the freak planet stuff) but my short term memory is short. That's one of my main problems. I have all these stories and they play out well in my head. I get home and *poof* they're gone. It's like magic! It's also strange because I've never actively talked to anyone about blogging. Most people don't get it. Drrr...

Most people don't have a clue how picky I can be when it comes to another person's writing. If a person actively slaughters an entry with horrendous grammatical and spelling errors then I just can't continue. There is a Denver blogger out there that is so atrocious her site made me want to vomit. Seriously. She writes like she is text messaging or she writes words like "prolly" as if she is in elementary school just learning to spell. People read her. I'm just not able to get past the first few non-existent words. I know most of the errors are on purpose to illicit her individuality but it's just too much bubble gum for me. If her blog was a joke then it would be a completely different matter.

Anywho, I did do a little damage at Twist and Shout. The kid inside me leapt out of my chest jumping for joy when I found some Kinks albums I have *needed*.