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Monday, June 26, 2006

I think I ate a kajillion pounds

I think I'm supposed to blog about the pizza taste-off but I am so full all I feel like doing is sleeping.

In a nutshell:

Anthony's (at 7th and Colorado Blvd.) vs. Famous Pizza (at Franklin and Colfax)

  • Two slices and a medium Cherry Coke - 6 bucks even
Famous Pizza
  • Two slices and a medium Pepsi - $4.50

The winner in a blind taste test:


Other factors: Anthony's has Cherry Coke on tap and Famous Pizza has Pepsi products. The Famous Pizza crust was a little thicker... in a good way. I liked the service at Anthony's. I thought the woman was flat out rude to Kath at Famous Pizza. Kath didn't really say much about it but rude people behind the counter need to well... bite me. I think she needs to deliver pizza because that way she only needs to grunt out the dollar amount, receive the money and hand off the pizza. Her 'holier than thou' attitude was not well received by me. Yes, she works at a cool pizza place (it's really not cool at all if you think about it) but it's still a pizza place. I'd expect that sort of attitude from a record store clerk not a pizza queen.

Wax on... wax off

Next time I'm going across the street and getting fish and chips at Streets of London. I love that place.

James, we still need to do our taste-off. Maybe when you get back?