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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What was it that I was saying? Lick my what?!

I received an email from my instructor about the "missing" paper. I don't know whether I should believe her story or not. Not that it matters since she gave me a 99% on the paper. It's still a little fishy to me. A friend in my class that worked for days (were talking 5 days on a 2-3 page paper) on this paper asked how I did and I told her what I got. She knows I spent about 3 hours on mine. Here is her response:

"Wow. She must have really felt bad for losing your paper to give you that sort of grade."


"I know for a fact that my paper can hold up against anyone's paper in the class and I got a 92%. I know I did it right."

"Umm. Ok." Shift. Turn. Walk the other direction.

Was that rude or was that just me? She's frustrated because I spent 1/4 of the time that she did and almost got a perfect grade. I started typing at 10pm the night before it was due. I just reread the paper and guess what? My paper fucking rules the planet . Why? This was a technical paper not a "fill it with a ton of fluff to make it the right length". She admits that she is a fluff writer. I've worked with her on projects before and need to constantly trim the fat off of her sections. Anyway, I'm 30 somethingish and don't need this crap from anyone.

I go to class. Sit in the front and pay attention. That's all I do. Shit, I think I just described what Kath is like when she's in school.

Thank you to everyone that worked very hard on the "Give her an A coalition". The kind words, pickets, gestures and fuck you's really seemed to help.