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Monday, July 17, 2006


After doing a quick email check this morning and sending out responses I decided I needed a breakfast burrito from the Monkey Bean to start my day of studying better.

I ordered my burrito, an iced chai and sat down. Then I remembered I forgot to get it smothered and with bacon so I added that on. Then I noticed the sign:

Due to an increased in rent the Monkey Bean will be permanently closing on July 31st.

Wha? NO!!!

They are selling everything via silent auction until the 31st and then will have a garage sale on August 4th and 5th. I think Howard needs the giant blow up monkey...

Now I have to go to Snooze for my after bar snacks or morning after breakfast. Gah! FYI... Snooze will not be going anywhere because the brothers that own it purchased the building so they don't have to worry about an increase of rent. Yippee!


On another note...

I am a chump. I didn't originally start a team for the annual kickball tournament because I thought I was too busy so I created a team last week. I feel an obligation because I have helped with this tournament every year except for this one because of school. The first tournament was put together by myself and two other people. The other two people were getting paid for their work to put it together. I was the only volunteer coordinator. We grossed $21 K for that day and I made Easter Seals Colorado volunteer of the year. It was the highest grossing first time event in their history. Yes, that is a little known fact about me. Yes, I rule.

The tournament is August 5th all day. If have time and want to play please be a Chump and sign up on The Chumps at our website.

Yes, you will probably see me wearing a skirt that day. I am the original skirt.


Shit, now I actually have to do 6 hours worth of modules and I really am not looking forward to it. I hate school computer labs.