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I won't be coming back here.

Saturday, July 08, 2006


You know when someone is trying to get to know you. Trying to understand a situation. Trying to put all the pieces together that make up a situation and part of who you are. Then that prying just hits something in you that you forgot was there? Something you were done being bummed about years ago but the alcohol just helps bring all that confusion back into the light and slaps you in the face. You know?

Yep. That would be my Friday night.

I'm fine now. I successfully compartmentalized all that shit back to the area in my head that it's supposed to sit. I've been over it for years and accepted all of it. I just need to somehow get other people to understand and accept it as I have. I also need them to stop bringing that shit up or at least wait until I'm sober to ask questions. I don't mind the questions when I'm sober so I can at least be able to make sense of things.