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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Factory

I'm excited for tomorrow. I'm taking Hubs' advice and getting my ass up to the mountains. I'm waking up early and going to Vail for the day. I haven't been there since 1984.

I was 14 in 1984 and my only source of income was from babysitting. Several weekends that winter I went with a family to their house in Vail. While they went skiing I babysat the kids. The last time I was there they took the oldest kid skiing with them. They said I could take the shuttle into the town (it was only about six blocks) with their daughter if I wanted to so I did. That day was my first time I'd ever seen a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It just happened to be the only place I could afford to buy anything so I got us some chocolates.

They never asked me to go with them again. I made a lot of money those weekends but they sucked because I felt like a prisoner in that house. There was no TV and a few radio stations. They didn't even have games. I didn't read books at the time so it really left me with nothing to do but babysit. I hated babysitting.

Since then I've really had no reason to go back. Tomorrow someone is actually driving me there so I really have no excuse to not go. I'm not sure what to expect but I think I will look for that chocolate store.