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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

big 'ol fuck you

Some days I just want to give a big 'ol fuck you.

I was leaving a patient's room, he looked at me, farted loudly, and started taking a shit. I saw it oozing from underneath his grapefruit-sized scrotum. I cleaned him up.

I walked out of his room into another just as a guy was throwing his napkin on the floor on top of his lunch. He didn't like the food so he thought he would spill all of it onto the floor. I talked to him about his inappropriate behavior and then cleaned up the mess.

I walked out of his room and sat down to chart. I was there less than a minute and my boss yelled for help from another patient's room. He got up from bed but didn't make it to the toilet on time. There was shit on his clothes, his legs and the floor. I cleaned up all three.

Funny thing, that is not why I want to say fuck you. That's just a regular day at work.